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Rakhi with 450 Grams Almonds and Pistachios and Free Silver Coin
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Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu Festival .This festival is being celebrated on the Full Moon Day which occurs in the month of August. Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi.  Rakhi is a Sanskrit word which means the “Knot of protection”. Rakhi is not just a tie or Knot of protection; it is a feeling of love, Emotions between Siblings.

As we know that today people do not have enough time to celebrate any festival. They are short of time. And that’s why they don’t have time to celebrate any festival with their family members. Well there are some stories related to Rakhi which are based on Myths or ancient fiction of Hinduism. As per the Hindu scripture in the war between Gods and Evil, Lord Indra was fighting with the most powerful demon King Bali. So Indra’s wife Sachi consulted with Vishnu who gave them a cotton thread which Sachi tied on Indra west and prayed for his success. Lord Indra successfully won that fight and this shows the protective power of holy thread.

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